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Moving Toolbox


Moving your entire life to another state can seem overwhelming. There are so many things to consider and so many moving parts to keep track of. We know how stressful and exhausting this time can be for people who are relocating, and we want to help. We have put together some tips and tools to help alleviate stress and turn moving into something that is doable.

Available For Purchase: Relocation Books For All Ages

The following books were written by Beverly Roman, a recognized expert in relocation with 24 years experience providing positive solutions to relocation challenges. Her company, BR Anchor Publishing has sold over one million books. All of the books provide positive, constructive and age-appropriate solutions.

Books For Children

My Family is Moving is a fun book featuring characters Oliver Owl and Tommy Turtle that guide children through an exciting moving adventure.

The League of Super Movers is a 16-page, full-color book designed especially for 9-12 year olds whose characters guide preteens on a relocation journey.

Teens need assurance that they will have the courses to successfully matriculate from one school to another.

Books For Adults

Approximately 75 percent of couples in the United States are in a dual career relationship.

Before considering a move abroad, employees need to know what their responsibilities will be in the foreign office, as well as what job they will be returning to upon repatriation.

Custom books — Our Specialty

Our well-researched books can be personalized with your company name, an executive letter and much more. Custom books speak volumes about how much you care about your customers and employees, while providing what relocating families need most — advice for the necessary components of moving. Give us a call for more info.