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Relocation 101

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Relocation 101

Making The Most Of Your Move

Approximately 75 percent of couples in the United States are in a dual career relationship. If you are in this situation and considering a transfer, you need to understand how the projected position will fit into present and future corporate planning. You also need to evaluate how it will benefit your career, the length of time for the assignment and whether the move could soon lead to another.

If you are a career-interrupted partner, you need to evaluate your own career and develop a strategy based on your personal and professional needs. Our new book addresses this issue in the chapter “Relocating a Career.”

Topics Include:

Relocation 101 offers personal and professional relocation advice for individuals and families moving in and around their own countries. It addresses today’s most challenging relocation topics including:

  • Strategies for dual career couples
  • Techniques to relocate children and elders
  • Tips to maximize home sales and purchases
  • Ways to find new physicians and medical care
  • Advice to choose relocation insurance
  • Internet sites and checklists

Excerpt from “Relocating a Career”

Think about maintaining your career in the new community. With a fax machine, e-mail account and express mail, many employees manage an office from a distance. Approach your employer with suggestions to maintain your position from another city and be open to discuss your employer’s proposals as well. Negotiate a trial period for the plan, agreeing on reasonable terms and conditions. If it is possible that you may return to live in this community, your employer may be amenable to you taking a leave of absence for the purpose of furthering your education or skills. If you are unable to relocate your career, this presents an opportunity to reassess your personal and professional goals.

This is the time to ask yourself questions, such as: do I want to

  • Pursue my current career at its present level?
  • Seek advancement in my current field?
  • Seek training in another field?
  • Pursue an advanced degree or further training?
  • Seek a different position (field) using my developed skills?
  • Work part-time or obtain temporary employment?
  • Start my own business?

This chapter goes on to provide practical advice for spouses who are considering a different career. Questions to evaluate your personal situation are included, as well as resources to find assistance. Resource examples are: career counselors, real estate agents with “Partner Career Assistance Programs,” alma maters and recommended Internet sites.

Relocation 101 is a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide that is a “must read” for all relocating employees. It covers topics that will be of interest to every relocating family.

Linda Brooks-Palkowski

Vice President Williams Relocation Management, Inc.
Beverly Roman provides meaningful solutions to real relocation issues. A ‘must have’ for relocating employees and families.

Susan Ginsberg

VP, Global Business Development Ricklin-Echikson Associates
Japanese translation — Relocation 101 Making The Most Of Your Move
Personalized for: US Navy Fleet & Family Support Center, Yokosuka, Japan

“This book provides a quality relocation manual for our spouses in their own language. In a word it is ‘perfect’!”

Scott Keehn

Family and Life Specialist US Navy Fleet and Family Support Center