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Mid Atlantic Digital Guides

Baltimore is certainly an exciting place to live. Baltimore is perhaps most famously known as the city where Francis Scott Key wrote the lyrics for the Star Spangled Banner. It lies on the juncture of the Chesapeake Bay. You will be able to explore the famous Baltimore Museums such as the Baltimore Aquarium, the Maryland Science Center, The National Great Blacks In Wax Museum, or The Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History. The city also enjoys a vibrant arts scene and embraces its history and influence on American culture.

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Washington D.C. is a planned city, designed specifically to house the federal government, and is not part of any state. The District of Columbia was carved out of Virginia and Maryland, and many people that work in D.C. commute from those states.

Its history, beautiful architecture, and excellent cultural centers will enhance your life in this exciting area. In addition, about 50% of the population has relocated in the past 5 years, virtually all cultures, languages and religions are present and accepted.

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New Jersey ranks ninth in the nation in population and has the highest population density of any U.S. state, because of its proximity to both New York City and Philadelphia. New Jersey is a major industrial center, an important transportation corridor, and because of its long coast line, a long-established destination for summer vacationers.

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Philadelphia is a major commercial, educational, and cultural center for the nation. The Philadelphia metropolitan area is the fifth-largest in the United States with a population of nearly six million.  For much of Philadelphia’s history the typical Philadelphia home has been the row house. The row house was introduced to the United States via Philadelphia in the early 1800s and, for a time, row houses built elsewhere in the United States were known as Philadelphia Rows.

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Wilmington is the largest city in the state of Delaware and is located at the confluence of the Christina River and Brandywine Creek.  It is mid-way between New York City and Washington, DC, approximately 100 miles. Wilmington has become a national financial center for the credit card industry.  This is largely due to being located in a state with pro-business finance laws and a longstanding reputation for a fair and effective judicial system.

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