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My Family is Moving

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My Family is Moving

A Creative Visualization Activity Book for Young Children
(Domestic and International)

My Family is Moving is a fun book featuring characters Oliver Owl and Tommy Turtle that guide children through an exciting moving adventure.

In addition to safety tips, activities, games and websites, My Family is Moving helps children to:

  • Prepare emotionally for a move
  • Learn how to be part of the moving process
  • Learn about the new city
  • Learn how to say goodbye to current friends and how to make new friends
  • Become involved: children can label their boxes and calendar with safe, colorful stickers that are included with each book

Note to educators: BR Anchor Publishing conducts school studies with all of its books for children; contact us to learn how you can participate. Download the school study for this book by clicking on the link above.

My Family is Moving is FABULOUS. Your books on relocating are EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for.

Barbara A.

Bennett Educational Resources, Inc. is pleased to provide a copy of My Family is Moving to every child that we place in schools around the world. We always hear from the families that this book was a delight and a help in the move.

Georgia Bennett

President Bennett Educational Resources, Inc.
The My Family is Moving activity book is a great tool to help parents establish a connection with their children about relocating to a new duty station!

Jennifer V.

U.S. Navy, Japan Chanthaphon Work & Family Life Specialist