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Footsteps Around the World

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Footsteps Around the World

Relocation Tips for Teens
(Domestic and International for teens)

Teens need assurance that they will have the courses to successfully matriculate from one school to another. Education selection includes advice to evaluate the activities, teachers and environment of the school. Recommendations for the sensitive subjects of seniors choosing not to move include: how to handle finances, school expectations, methods for routine and emergency medical care, the host family’s expectations, the teenager’s travel and car privileges and curfew guidelines.

Additional Topics Include:

  • Dealing with feelings
  • Organization checklists
  • Interview preparation
  • Making new friends
  • Educational guidelines
  • Repatriation
  • Internet sites

Excerpt from the chapter “New Schools — New Friends”

Being able to make friends will help you adjust to a new school and feel comfortable in your new community. The best advice I can offer you as you consider new acquaintances is — be selective. When in doubt, select strong friends, people who have values similar to yours. Learn as much as possible about a person or group at school or in your neighborhood before you get too close to them. And above all — be true to yourself.

Tips to Break the Ice

  • Begin a conversation by complimenting a classmate about topics such as a good class presentation or the great game they played.
  • Ask new acquaintances to tell you about themselves.
  • Don’t overdose new friends with stories about your old school or city.
  • Intersperse conversation with inquiries about the new school and community.
Footsteps Around the World received 4.5 to 5 stars from 277,122 readers.

Beverly Roman is clearly an expert in managing the emotional upheaval that a relocation can have on teenagers. Footsteps Around the World is a useful, accessible and practical resource for teenagers and their parents

Paul Gorski

Multicultural Pavilion
Footsteps Around the World is an excellent and beneficial book for our young teens on the move. A ‘must read’ for any teenager considering relocation.

Ed Lopez

Relocation Specialist Office Depot