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Our Mission Statement

NewMarket Services is committed to all those affiliated with it and will strive to provide superior service to its clients through profitable operations for the shareholders and competitive opportunities for its employees. Furthermore, the Company will strive to offer its customers and distribution clients/subscribers/readers the confidence that they are receiving the best service available for their respective business.

About NewMarket Services, Incorporated

NewMarket Services is the world leader in supplying relocation information. NewMarket publishes monthly Relocation Guides for 95 U.S. and 32 International cities. Our relocation information helps more than 1 million new movers every year.

NewMarket Services provides a service for major corporations by assisting them with their employee relocation to major U.S. and International cities. We supply these well paid but uprooted professionals with the information they need- a broad spectrum of services and products of interest to help them settle into their new locations.

The central components of our relocation service are the 127 U.S. and International NewMarket Services Relocation Guides and the NewMarket Services Website. Our beautifully bound guides are free to the public right here online.

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NewMarket Services, Inc., is based in Chicago and Phoenix where all key corporate support functions are administered. Sales is directed from the Chicago office which is centrally located to the portfolio. The executive management team is made up of management, sales and marketing professionals with extensive experience in all aspects of the industry. We choose the best people and provide them with extensive support including training in outside sales and marketing. Experienced sales professionals who are looking for career opportunities should fill out the form below.

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NewMarket Services Team

bobbyhimselfcropBob Fischer

Bob founded NewMarket Services in 1989 in Chicago as an information service to the relocation market. NewMarket Services is now the largest provider of relocation guides in the world – distributing monthly relocation guides and relocation information to 127 cities worldwide.

Bob graduated from Northeastern Illinois University where he was captain of the football team in both his junior and senior years. Bob has developed a lifelong love of fitness and still works out every day. One of his greatest accomplishments was finishing in 20th place in the 1979 Chicago marathon. Bob’s goal in life has never changed which is simply, “To be a Good Man.” Bob is proud to bring this philosophy to his work with NewMarket Services.

patrickPatrick D. Morgan

Patrick has over 20 years of experience in the publishing industry. He is the main business partner for NewMarket Services. He helped grow a small company into a multi-national corporation. NewMarket Services started as a print organization for one city and has grown into a company that features online and digital versions along with print for 127 major metro areas worldwide.

Patrick oversees sales and marketing efforts on a national level. He is responsible for working alongside the IT department to develop and implement a customized software database that includes a dynamic website, an automated sales and marketing database, customer service, and billing areas for the corporation. He is excited to continue to expand NewMarket Services and reach new cities.