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Hampton Roads – Cruises

American Rover
(757) 627-SAIL

The American Rover sets sail daily from The Waterside in Downtown Norfolk, just minutes from Virginia Beach and Williamsburg. At 135 feet in length, she is the “largest three-mast topsail passenger schooner under U.S. flag,” and is fully Coast Guard inspected for your safety.

Carrie B
(757) 393-4735

Cruise the 1 1/2 hour tour site of the battle between the famous Monitor and the Merrimac, and the nation’s largest naval base. Plus, you and your family will get a close look at the huge grey ladies of the Atlantic fleet, including destroyers, nuclear-powered submarines, and aircraft carriers you might see crews playing war games, making repairs, or simply waving back to you.

Elite Yacht Cruises
(757) 625-1748

Take advantage of this private-charter dining and yacht and entertain 40-135 passengers. Buffet and plated dining options are freshly prepared on board.

Spirit of Norfolk
(757) 627-7771

Catch the spirit on Virginia’s largest and most comfortable harbor cruise ship. Daily lunch and dinner cruises highlight your visit with a narrated tour and freshly prepared food in a nautical setting. Enjoy a festive musical production and a lively dance band. It’s a complete package of cruising, dining, entertainment, and dancing.

Schooner Virginia
(757) 627-7771

The Schooner Virginia Project is a program of The Virginia Maritime Heritage Foundation. The project’s mission is to construct and operate a replica of the historic 122-foot Pilot Schooner Virginia. This “Class B” tall ship, located adjacent to Harbor Park on the Elizabeth River, was the last sailing Pilot Schooner in use on the Chesapeake Bay and served the Virginia Pilot Association from 1917 until 1926 as a station vessel off the Virginia Capes.

Victory Rover
(757) 627-7406

A 2-Hour Naval Base Cruise departs daily from the Nauticus Docks home the Battleship Wisconsin. The Captain will provide a fascinating and entertaining commentary along the way abroad this navy-themed vessel.


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