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Hampton Roads


Hampton Roads region is located in southeastern Virginia.  The metro area also includes several communities in northeastern North Carolina.  The birthplace of Colonial America, where centuries of American history blend with the most modern technology, the richest culture, and a breathtaking landscape surrounded by water.

Hampton Roads is the name of both a body of water and the region of land areas which surround it. Hampton Roads is notable for its year-round ice-free harbor, for U.S. Navy and Air Force, and Army facilities, shipyards, coal piers.  Hampton Roads has become known as the “world’s greatest natural harbor”.

In addition to exploring the 29 miles of Atlantic Ocean beaches, the area is steeped in 400 years of American history, and hundreds of historical sites and attractions are in the area. Welcome home!

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    About Hampton Roads

    Welcome to historic Hampton Roads. America’s history begins here with the founding of our nation at Jamestown. The name dates from the 17th century English Earl of Southampton, Henry Wriothesley and the nautical term road. The area was named in his honor by the first royal governor, Lord de la Ware, in the early 1600s.

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    About Chesapeake

    Demographics/Quick Facts

    Population 214,725

    66.87% White

    28.53% African American

    2% Hispanic

    2% Asian

    .6% Other

    Median Age: 35 years

    Median Household Income: $50,743

    Land 340.7 sq mi

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    Newport News

    Demographics/Quick Facts

    Population 195,347

    53.50% White

    39.07% African American

    2.33% Asian

    5.10 Other

    Median Age: 32 years

    Median Household Income: $36,597

    Land 68.3 sq mi

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    Demographics/Quick Facts

    Population 237,835

    48.36% White

    44.11% African American

    2.81% Asian

    4.72 Other

    Median Age: 30 years

    Median Household Income: $31,815

    Land 53.7 square miles

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    Demographics/Quick Facts

    Population 99,790

    45.84% White

    50.61% African American

    3.55% Other

    Median Household Income $36,742

    Average Home Price $100,604

    Land 33.2 sq mi

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    Demographics/Quick Facts

    Population 81,039

    53.82% White

    43.53% African American

    .7% Asian

    1.95% Other

    Median Age: 36 years

    Median Household Income: $41,115

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    Virginia Beach

    Demographics/Quick Facts

    Population: 438,415

    71.41% White

    18.95% African American

    4.91% Asian

    4.73% Other

    Median Age: 33 years

    Median Household Income: $48,705

    Land 248.3 sq mi

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    Public Transportation

    Hampton Roads Transit

    (757) 222-6100

    3400 Victoria Blvd

    Hampton, VA 23661

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    License & Registration Information

    Air Travel

    Norfolk Airport

    (757) 857-3351

    2200 Norview Avenue

    Norfolk, VA 23518

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    Voter Registration

    Virginia State Board of Elections

    (800) 552-9745

    You may apply to register to vote at any DMV office.

    Local Phone Numbers

    Area Code 757
    Emergency 911
    Financial Services
    Automatic Teller Information
    ATM Locator (800) 248-4286
    MasterCrd ATM (800) 424-7787
    VISA Plus System (800) 843-7587
    Lost or Stolen Credit Cards
    American Express (800) 233-5432
    AT&T Universal Card (800) 423-4343
    Diners Club (800) 234-6377
    Discover Card (800) 347-2683
    JCB (800) 736-8111
    MasterCard (800) 826-2181
    VISA (800) 336-8472
    Lost or Stolen Travelers Checks
    American Express (800) 221-7282
    Thomas Cook MasterCard (800) 223-7373
    Travelers Check Customer Service (800) 645-6556
    VISA (800) 227-6811
    Chesapeake General Hospital (757) 312-8121
    736 Battlefield Boulevard North
    Chesapeake, VA 23320
    Maryview Medical Center (757) 398-2200
    3636 High Street
    Portsmouth, VA 23707
    Gas Service
    Virginia Natural Gas, Inc. (877) 572-3342,
    (757) 873-1322
    755 Diligence Drive
    Newport News, VA 23606
    Dominion Power (888) 667-3000
    2700 Cromwell Drive
    Norfolk, VA 23509
    Bundles Services
    Cox Communications – Hampton Roads (757) 224-1111
    Charter Communications
    Water and Refuse
    Newport News Waterworks (757) 926-1000
    City of Chesapeake (757) 382-6352
    City of Portsmouth (757) 393-8524
    Department of Public Utilities (757) 385-4631


    3 WTKR CBS
    10 WAVY NBC
    13 WVEC ABC
    15 WHRO PBS
    16 WHRO-DT PBS
    18 W18 BSTBN
    19 WVBN-LP MTV2
    27 WGNT CW
    29 WVBT-DT FOX
    31 WAVY-DT NBC
    33 WTVZ MyTV
    38 WTVZ-DT MyTV
    40 WTKR-DT CBS
    41 WVEC-DT ABC
    43 WVBT FOX
    50 WGNT-DT CW


    AM Radio
    740 WMBG oldies, big band
    790 WTAR news, sports
    850 WNIS news, talk
    940 WKGM Christian
    1010 WPMH Christian
    1050 WCMS country
    1230 WNOR rock
    1270 WTJZ Christian
    1310 WGH news, sports
    1350 WSVY contemporary, urban
    1400 WPCE Christian
    1420 WXGM contemporary, oldies
    1450 WLPM oldies
    1490 WOJY gospel, news
    1600 WJQI contemporary, soft
    FM Radio
    88.1 WHOV jazz
    88.7 WFOS classical
    89.5 WHRV National Public Radio
    90.3 WHRO classical, opera
    90.7 WCWM variety
    91.1 WNSB jazz
    91.5 WYCS contemporary
    92.1 WMYK contemporary, urban
    92.9 WFOG easy listening
    93.7 WKOC contemporary, rock
    94.1 WXEZ easy listening
    94.9 WJQI contemporary, soft
    95.7 WLTY oldies
    96.1 WROX rock, modern
    96.5 WDCK oldies
    97.3 WGH country
    98.7 WNOR rock
    99.1 WXGM contemporary, oldies
    99.7 WYFI Christian
    100.5 WCMS country
    101.3 WWDE contemporary
    101.7 WLQM country
    102.9 WOWI contemporary, urban
    104.5 WNVZ progressive dance
    105.3 WMXN contemporary
    106.9 WAFX rock, classic
    107.7 WSVY contemporary, urban


    The Virginian Pilot

    (757) 446-2000

    150 West Brambleton Avenue

    Norfolk, VA 23510

    Daily Press

    (757) 247-4600

    7505 Warwick Boulevard

    Newport News, VA 23607


    American Rover

    (757) 627-SAIL

    The American Rover sets sail daily from The Waterside in Downtown Norfolk, just minutes from Virginia Beach and Williamsburg. At 135 feet in length, she is the “largest three-mast topsail passenger schooner under U.S. flag,” and is fully Coast Guard inspected for your safety.

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    Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum

    (757) 437-8432

    1113 Atlantic Avenue

    Virginia Beach, VA 23451

    Built in 1895 by Bernard P. Holland, the city’s first Postmaster and Mayor, the museum is located in the de Witt Cottage and listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

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    Busch Gardens Williamsburg

    (800) 343-7946, (757) 253-3350

    Rt 60

    Williamsburg, VA 23187

    Busch Gardens Williamsburg is an action-packed, European themed park with 17th century charm and 21st century technology, boasting more than 100 acres of unparalleled fun and adventure for the entire family.

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    Performing Arts

    Harrison Opera House

    160 E. Virginia Beach Blvd.

    Norfolk, Virginia 23510

    Renovated in 1993, Norfolk’s luxurious Harrison Opera House is an intimate 1,632 seat theater with the proud heritage of having been a USO Theater during World War II.

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    Norfolk Admirals

    (757) 640-1212

    Norfolk Admirals AHL Hockey

    201 East Brambleton Avenue

    Norfolk , VA 23510

    The Norfolk Admirals are the American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate for the National Hockey League’s (NHL) Chicago Blackhawks.

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    Lynnhaven Mall

    (757) 340-9340

    701 Lynnhaven Parkway

    Virginia Beach, VA 23452-7299

    Located in the heart of Virginia Beach, and just 10-minutes from the beautiful oceanfront, the Lynnhaven Mall offers visitors an enormous selection of shopping…

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    Walking Tours

    Cannonball Trail

    (757) 644-6620

    Norfolk Information Center

    232 E. Main Street

    Norfolk, VA

    The walk it yourself tour is a new heritage trail, which connects historic sites woven among featured attractions in Downtown Norfolk.

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    Community Colleges

    Community colleges exist for two major purposes. The first is to serve as a bridge from high school to college by providing courses for transfer toward a bachelor’s degree. Four out of 10 collegebound high-school graduates start their college education this way.

    The second function of community colleges is to prepare students for the job market by offering entry-level career training as well as courses for adult students who want to upgrade their skills for the workplace. They often offer programs that are not available at four-year schools, like fashion design.

    The Los Rios Community College District ( consists of several two year colleges—American River College, Cosumnes River College, Sacramento City College, Folsom Lake College, plus a large number of outreach centers for those colleges.

    Liberal Arts Colleges

    Liberal arts colleges offer a broad base of courses in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Most are private and focus mainly on undergraduate students. Classes tend to be small and personal attention is available.

    Online Learning

    Recent years have witnessed the rise of online degree programs, to allow the busy professional a chance to work at their own pace from the comfort of their home on the path to getting a degree. The costs to students are typically the same as for traditional classes— and financial aid is equally available—while the cost to the institution can be much less.

    There are online universities ranging from legitimate distance learning systems to fly-by-night degree-mills. It’s important to research a particular institution before deciding to enroll in their system. Generally, brick-and-mortar schools that also offer online classes are the safest, though there are plenty of fully accredited online universities out there.

    Nearly 3 million students are believed to be taking online classes at institutions of higher education in the United States this year. That number has been growing about 25% a year recently. Now, virtually all public higher education institutions, as well as a vast majority of private, for-profit institutions, now offer online classes. By contrast, only about half of private, nonprofit schools offer them. Online schools offer everything from Associate’s degrees to Doctoral programs with available emphases in everything from Business Administration to Criminal Justice to Nursing. Some programs require students to attend some campus classes or orientations, but many are delivered completely online. Online courses generally require a computer with a broadband connection, but are now a serious option for the busy professional.

    Public vs. Private

    Public colleges are usually less expensive, particularly for in-state residents. They get most of their money from the state or local government. Private colleges rely on tuition, fees, endowments, and other private sources. Private colleges are usually smaller and can offer more personalized attention and often more prestige.


    Generally, a university is bigger than a college and offers more majors and research facilities. Class size often reflects institutional size and some classes may taught by graduate students.

    Sacramento State University ( was founded as Sacramento State College in 1947. In 2004, enrollment was 22,555 undergraduates and 5,417 graduate students in the university’s eight colleges. The 300 acre (1.2 km) campus is located along the American River Parkway a few miles east of downtown.

    The University of California ( has a campus, UC Davis, in Davis, 15 miles west of Sacramento.

    McGeorge School of Law ( in Oak Park is the University of the Pacific’s law school.

    Upper Division

    Upper-division schools offer the last two years of undergraduate study, usually in specialized programs leading to a bachelor’s degree. Students then generally transfer to an upper-division college after completing an associate degree or after finishing a second year of study at a four-year college.


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