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What Others Are Saying

"My Family is Moving is FABULOUS. Your books on relocating are EXACTLY what I have been looking for."
Barbara A. Foster
"The children we help today will be our customers tomorrow. Everyone is looking for that value-added service; here is your value-added!"
Sandy Thomas
“Moving Around the World with Suddath has been a great addition to our international move kits. The books are wonderful for children adjusting to a move."
Mark Burchell
"Let's Make A Move! is chock full of activities and safety tips that address children's special relocation concerns."
Pat Etheridge
"Our international families love Let's Move Overseas. The easy activities and the stickers are a hit. Thank you for making our job easier!"
Georgia Bennett
"Beverly D. Roman's books give young children an opportunity to focus on thoughts and activities they will need when moving, as well as provide a means to take control of the situation and make it work for them."
Laura Sicola
"I believe that your efforts to address the issue of moving children is MAGNANIMOUS."
Belinda Morse
"Let's Make A Move! is a great tool for emphasizing geography and other social studies concepts. The children learn how to read maps and use a code system which I feel are very important."
Mr. Little