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Embassy of Australia
United States of America
1601 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Washington DC 20036
(202) 797-3000

Embassy of the United States of America
Australian Capital Territory
R.G. Casey Building, John McEwen Crescent
Barton, ACT, 0221 Australia.
+61 2 6261-1111

U.S. Consulate General
553 St Kilda Road
Melbourne, VIC 3004
(03) 9526-5900

Before you move abroad, you can register with the Consulate.  In order to register, you will be asked for your new address abroad, passport information and the name, address and phone number of an emergency contact.

After you move, you can either use the above Web site to register or register in person at the nearest Embassy or Consulate after you move.  In accordance with the Privacy Act, information on your welfare or whereabouts may not be released to inquirers without your expressed written authorization.  If you register in person, you should bring your U.S. passport with you.  Your passport data will be recorded; thereby making it easier for you to apply for a replacement passport should it be lost or stolen.

The consular section is open for services to American citizens Monday through Friday, except the last Wednesday of the month and the Australian and American public holidays.  All visitors must produce acceptable photo I.D. to be admitted from the ground floor lobby to the Consular section.

There are several Australian Immigration and Australian Visa options for potential Australian migrants. Potential migrants to Australia are selected based on skills, health, financial resources, age, English language ability and family and business contacts in Australia. Race, gender and culture are not considered at all. Migrants today fall into two main categories for a place in the Migration Program: half the +-80,000 places each year go to skilled migrants as Australia seeks those migrants who have skills and qualifications to improve the Australian society and economy. The other half of the Migration Program places go to family reunion and resettlement of former residents and citizens, and for the families of New Zealanders.

There are five categories of migrants in the Skilled Scheme. You will most likely fall into the “Employer Nominated Migrant”. Employers may nominate skilled people from overseas to fill an Australian job vacancy when no one local has suitable skills for the job. The Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) has been developed for Australian employers to recruit permanent, highly-skilled staff from overseas or from people temporarily in Australia, when the employers have been unable to fill a vacancy from within the Australian labor market or through their own training programs.

The ENS process has two stages:

Nomination by an employer

Nominee’s application for a visa

General details of the process:

1. Requirements for an employer in brief, an employer must be able to demonstrate that:

  • They have a need for a paid employee that the business is located in Australia and that it is operated by the employer
  • The vacancy requires the appointment of a ‘highly-skilled person’
  • If applicable, the highly-skilled person is eligible for any mandatory licensing, registration or professional body membership where required;
  • The position is a full time, fixed-term appointment of at least 3 years, which does not exclude the possibility of renewal
  • The employer has a satisfactory training record, or for a new business, must make satisfactory provision for future training
  • The employer must have demonstrated that the position cannot be filled through the Australian labor market, unless the position is on the Migrant Occupations in Demand List (MODL); and
  • The terms and conditions of employment must be in accordance with the standards for working conditions provided under Australian industrial laws.

2. Requirements for visa nominee
In general terms, the visa application will be assessed against the following:

  • The nominee has the skills relevant to the nominated position
  • The nominee meets the definition of a ‘highly-skilled person’
  • The nominee is able to satisfy any mandatory licensing, registration or professional membership requirements
  • The employment as outlined in the approved nomination is still available
  • The nominee is less than 45 years of age
  • The nominee has vocational English language ability; and
  • The nominee and all family unit members meet mandatory health and character requirements.


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