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Glasgow Sports

Glasgow is the home of several league teams, including Celtic, Rangers, Partick Thistle and Queens Park. The rivalry between Celtic and Rangers is traditionally one of the fiercest between any two sporting sides in the world. Not far behind football in terms of profile is rugby (slightly similar to American Football, but without the excessive padding).

Celtic Football Club
Rangers Football Club
Partick Thistle Football Club Ltd
Queens Park Football Club

Golf is, of course, a sport also indelibly linked to Scotland, and the suburbs of the city boast several courses. Other sports played within Glasgow include cricket, greyhound racing and ice hockey. Due to the diverse countryside, pursuits such as fishing, climbing, mountain biking and hiking are becoming increasingly popular.

Further out into the hills and mountains, skiing and other winter sports are undertaken in increasing numbers, especially around Aviemore.  Curling, a version of bowls (lawn bowling) played on ice and involving the astute application of brooms, is a sport in which Scotland is a world leader.

Highland games, which take place in several locations throughout Scotland in the summer, feature a number of interesting events that are unfortunately unlikely to grace the Olympic stage in the near future. The most well-know of these events is “Tossing the Caber,” which involves a large man throwing a tree while wearing a kilt (do not try this at home).


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