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Glasgow Etiquette

Punctuality is essential at any business meeting or social event. When making business appointments it is best practice to do so several days in advance.Teamwork is very important, however there exists a strong feeling of individual accountability for implementation and error. Business meetings are often structured but not too formal and begin and end with social conversation. First names are used almost immediately with all colleagues. Exceptions are very senior managers. However, you should always wait to be invited to use first names before doing so yourself. Business cards are an essential prop and are usually exchanged. Normal standards of business attire apply (suits, with ties for men).

DO respect personal space.

DO remember to shake hands on first meetings.

DON’T ask personal questions regarding background, occupation or income.

DON’T underestimate the importance of humor in all aspects of business.

DON’T forget that instructions are often disguised as polite requests.


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