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To work in Canada, you need to get a work permit, which is a written authorization to work in the country, normally for a specific amount of time.  There are certain industries which are exempt from needing a work permit.  Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) is in charge of the permits, which are then issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).  Your employer should take the first steps with HRSDC to get the process moving.

To get a permit, you must:

Have no criminal record
Be in good health
Not be deemed a security risk
Prove that you have enough money to maintain yourself and your family

The documents you’ll need are:
Proof of identity in the form of a valid passport and two photos of you and your family members
Proof of employment in Canada, usually as a letter from your employer, and proof that you meet the job requirements for the position

You can apply as a family to get a work permit and have your spouse and children accompany you there, but they can’t work unless they fill out their own permit application.


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