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About Canadian Markets

Canada and the United States share the world’s longest undefended border, co-operate on military campaigns and exercises, and are each other’s largest trading partners. Canadians are very hospitable, welcoming people – particularly in provincial and rural Canada. The majority of Canadians are very tolerant and follow a live and let live philosophy. There is often a stronger sense of community and duty in Canadian towns than can be found in other countries.

Canada is a federation composed of ten provinces and three territories; in turn, these may be grouped into regions. Western Canada consists of British Columbia and the three Prairie provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba).

Mercer conducted a survey and found that Canadian cities have lower living costs than many other locations in the developed world. In 2008, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary are at lower positions in the table than they were in 2006, showing they have become less expensive compared with other locations. Toronto and Vancouver are Canada’s most multicultural and cosmopolitan cites. They are rich in cultural and artistic activities and their restaurants offer many of the world’s cuisines.

Canada is one of the world’s wealthiest nations, with a high per-capita income. About three-quarters of Canada’s population live within 90 miles of the United States border. It has also been influenced heavily by American culture because of its proximity and migration between the two countries. You may also take pleasure from the fact that you will be free to live permanently in a country consistently rated by the UN as the world’s best country in which to live. So you shouldn’t feel too far out of your element when moving to Canada!