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Phoenix was founded in 1861 making it over 150 years old. By comparison to other cities Phoenix is relatively young, but ambitious, making the ranks of one of the fastest growing cities in America.  Spanning more than 517 square miles, it has surpassed Los Angeles in geographical size, and with an average population growth of just under 4% per year Phoenix is quickly climbing up the list of largest cities in America currently holding the sixth position trailing Philadelphia by less than 40,000 people.

The question begs to be asked, Why so much growth in a desert? With more than 300 days of sunshine per year and an average temperature of 74 degrees the answer becomes clear, it is just a beautiful place to live, work, and play. The relatively stable climate and lower risk of natural disaster makes Phoenix a prime destination for business and industry, being home to the Apollo Group, Best Western, Go Daddy, US Airways, and many more.

The beautiful climate allows you to enjoy your preferred recreational activities almost year round, and for those who enjoy the winter sports, northern Arizona has much to offer. Boasting a large variety of art, culture, sports, dining, recreation and business opportunities, Phoenix becomes a dynamic city for both business and recreation.

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    About Phoenix

    Phoenix by comparison to cities from around the world, is a young city, but with an ancient history. Not many cities can claim such a thing. When Phoenix was founded, The United States was entering one of the deadliest wars to date, the Civil War. After the war, the country, still healing as a nation coupled with the prospect of wealth and riches in the gold rush, sent people flocking to the west, and Phoenix boomed. The question begs to be asked, why stop in the middle of a desert? This was before the comfort of air conditioning and automotive transportation.  What would have made settlers so willing to stay in an arid desert environment? The answer is found in an ancient society known as the Hohokam. This Native American tribe settled the area where Phoenix now stands over 2600 years ago, around the time of 200-300 BC.

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    Located at the foothills of South Mountain, Ahwatukee is an affluent neighborhood that is geographically separated from downtown Phoenix by the mountain range; Ahwatukee is often thought to be its own city but is actually a suburb of Phoenix. Due to its spectacular views, high performing schools and location to downtown Phoenix it is one of the fastest growing suburbs in the metropolitan area. The population of Ahwatukee numbers more than 70,000 within its 35.8 square mile borders. The majority of Ahwatukee residents are, college educated and range between the ages of 27-53 earning an average income of more than $60,000 annually.


    Imagine lush green lawns, large vibrant citrus trees, and the sweet smell of orange blossoms, and you will be transported to the neighborhood of Arcadia.

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    Business Personal Property Tax rates vary in Arizona, and the first $50,000 of property tax is exempt.

    Arizona Corporate Tax: 7.96%

    Arizona Income Tax: Arizona Income Tax ranges from 2.87% to 5.04%, based on income.

    Arizona Retail Sales Tax: 5.6%

    Arizona Vehicle License Tax: $3.12 per $100 of assessed valuation

    Maricopa County Retail Sales Tax: 0.7%

    Phoenix Retail Sales Tax: 1.8%


    Phoenix has a subtropical desert climate, with extremely hot summers and warm winters. The average summer high temperature are some of the hottest of any major city in the United States. The temperature reaches or exceeds 100°F (38°C) on an average of 110 days during the year, including most days from late May through early September, and highs top 110 °F (43 °C) an average of 18 days during the year. Overnight lows greater than 80 °F (27 °C) occur frequently each summer. On average, 67 days throughout the year will see the nighttime low at or above 80 °F (27 °C).

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    Phoenix Utilities

    Arizona Utilities

    The state of Arizona has a total of 15 electric utility providers, 400 individual water systems operated by nearly 350 companies, 21 sewer companies and 20 combination water and sewer providers.  Water, sewage, solid waste and recycling are often services provided by each individual city, unless the cities have subcontracted the services out to private companies. If you are planning on living on county land you will have to contract with private companies for many if not all of your utilities. Arizona Utility companies are regulated by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

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    Public Transportation

    Valley Metro Bus Service

    Valley Metro Bus Service provides easy and economical transportation throughout Phoenix and the surrounding valley. Buses run seven days a week including holidays. Customer Service representatives available Monday-Saturday, 4 a.m.-10 p.m. and Sunday 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Closed Holidays.(602) 253-5000 (voice); (602) 261-8208 (TDD)

    Local Bus service is $1.25 per ride, and Express Bus Service is also provided for a $1.75 standard adult fare. Monthly passes may be purchased, and discounted fares are available for those who qualify. Park-and-Ride services are available, as is a DASH shuttle to transport you speedily around downtown Phoenix.

    Bus tickets, passes, and tokens may be bought at Central Station, located at Central Avenue and Van Buren Streets.The Valley Metro Bus book provides a comprehensive listing of all bus-related information and is available at the above phone number as well as at public libraries and city offices.

    Inter-city Bus Service

    Greyhound Bus (800) 231-2222

    Light Rail


    The 20-mile light rail starter line opened December 2008 and served 12.6 million riders in 2010, exceeding the prior year by 11 percent and system projections by 51 percent. METRO’s 20-mile light rail line is the longest starter line in federal New Starts grant history. It was built entirely in-street using a train-only trackway and traffic signals to allow trains to safely move through the cities of Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa, Arizona. The cost was $1.4 billion paid for using a $587 million federal New Starts grant, $59 million from federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality funding and local tax dollars.

    METRO is responsible for building a 57-mile high-capacity transit system as defined in the Regional Transportation Plan by 2031. Planning, and design in some cases, has begun on the six extensions that make up the remainder of the 37 miles yet to be built. Two have been defined as light rail corridors: the Northwest and Central Mesa extensions.  A 2.6-mile modern streetcar line will be built in central Tempe. The other three – Phoenix West, Glendale and Northeast Phoenix – have yet to determine a specific transit mode and route.

    Air Transportation

    Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

    Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport welcomes aviary voyages from skies near and far, opening its arms to more than 12 million people who visit the Phoenix area each year-and many of the 25 million people who visit Arizona each year. Twenty-three airlines fly in and out of Sky Harbor daily.

    Public transportation to and from the airport is provided by Phoenix Transit Buses: Red Line and #13 buses run from the airport to downtown Phoenix and throughout the metropolitan area. For information about this service call (602) 253-5000 (voice) or (602) 261-8208 (TDD).

    Senior Citizens and people with disabilities may call Dial-a-Ride for transportation to and from the airport 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. Arizona Relay Service provides this service. Call (602) 253-4000 (voice) or (602) 231-0961 (TDD).

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    License & Registration Information

    Local Phone Numbers

    Phoenix Area Codes

    Within the city of Phoenix, the following area codes are used: 602, 480, 623.

    Outside of Phoenix, the following area codes are used: 520, 928.

    All phone numbers listed below are in area code 602 unless otherwise specified.

    Community and Volunteer Information  
    American Red Cross Blood Donations (800) 448-3543
    Better Business Bureau (602) 264-1721
    Community Information and Referral (24 hrs) 263-8856
    Referral Services of the Maricopa Bar Assn. (602) 257-4434
    United Blood Services (602) 431-9500
    Volunteer Center of Maricopa County (602) 263-9736
    Emergency 911
    Adult Protective Services (877) 767-2385
    Charter Statewide Crisis Line (800) 242-7837
    Center Against Sexual Abuse (crisis intervention) 254-6400
    Child Crisis Center- East Valley 969-2308
    Child Help USA Hotline (800) 422-4453
    Child Protective Services 1-888-SOS-CHILD
    (800) 767-2445
    COMCARE Crisis Services (800) 631-1314
    Department of Homeland Security (800) 237-3239
    FBI Information line (866) 483-5137
    Maricopa County Sheriff 256-1000
    Maricopa Co. Emergency Psychiatric Services 267-5881
    My Sister’s Place (Women’s Domestic Violence) 821-1024
    National Crisis/Suicide Hotline (800) 999-9999
    National Domestic Violence Hotline (800) 799-7233
    National Substance Abuse Hotline (800) 378-4435
    (800) 435 7111
    Parents Anonymous of Arizona 24-Hr (800) 352-0528
    Poison Control (800) 362-0101
    Pregnancy Hotline (800) 848-5683
    Pre-Habs Autumn House
    (Shelter for abused women and children) 835-5555
    Senior Helpline 264-4357
    Suicide Prevention Center’s EMPACT Counseling 784-1514
    Teen’s Talking to Teens Peer Counseling 461-8888
    Terrorist Activity Hotline (602) 223-2680
    Tumbleweed (Counseling/Shelter for adolescents) 271-9849
    Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) (800) 816-0491
    (800) 865-4314
    Youth Crisis Hotline (800) 448-4663
    Financial Services  
    Automatic Teller Information  
    ATM Locator (800) 248-4286
    MasterCrd ATM (800) 424-7787
    VISA Plus System (800) 843-7587
    Lost or Stolen Credit Cards  
    American Express (800) 233-5432
    AT&T Universal Card (800) 423-4343
    Diners Club (800) 234-6377
    Discover Card (800) 347-2683
    JCB (800) 736-8111
    MasterCard (800) 826-2181
    VISA (800) 336-8472
    Lost or Stolen Travelers Checks  
    American Express (800) 221-7282
    Thomas Cook MasterCard (800) 223-7373
    Travelers Check Customer Service (800) 645-6556
    VISA (800) 227-6811
    Government Numbers  
    Arizona General Information (602) 542-4900
    Arizona Game and Fish Department (602) 942-3000
    Arizona State Bar Association (602) 252-4804
    Arizona Department of Revenue (602) 542-2076
    Governor’s office (602) 542-4331
    (800) 253-0883
    Maricopa County General information (602) 506-3011
    Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (602) 506-3415
    Maricopa County Health Department 962-9181
    Maricopa County Assessor’s Office (602) 506-3406
    Maricopa County Treasurer (602) 506-8511
    Secretary of State’s election office (602) 542-VOTE (8683)
    Veterans Affairs Medical Center (602) 277-5551
    Mesa (480) 644-2207
    Glendale (623) 930-3530
    Phoenix (602) 262-4636
    Scottsdale (480) 994-2474
    Tempe (480) 350-5555
    Shipping & Postal Services  
    Airborne Express (800) 247-2676
    DHL Airways (800) 225-5345
    Emery Worldwide (800) 443-6379
    Federal Express (800) 463-3339
    UPS (800) 742-5877
    Support Networks  
    Alanon/Alateen(24 hrs) (480) 069-6144
    Alcoholics Anonymous (24 hrs) (800) 556-6222
    Alcoholism Council East Valley (480) 962-7711
    ASU- Counseling training center (480) 965-5067
    AZ Smokers Helpline (800) 556-6222
    AZ Tobacco Education and Prevention Program (602) 870-3145
    Arizona Psychology Association (480) 675-9477
    Arizona Psychiatric Society & Referral Service (602) 808-9558
    East Mesa Senior Center (480) 380-0962
    East Valley Alcohol Council (480) 962-7711
    Jewish Family and Children’s Services (Mesa) (480) 820-0825
    Interfaith Counseling (Mesa Office) (480) 969-2783
    LDS Social Services (480) 968-2995
    Mesa Senior Center (480) 962-5612
    Samaritan Behavioral Health Services (602) 254-4357
    Sirrine Adult Day Care (480) 464-1061
    Teen Link (Various Topics) (800) 235-9678
    ToughLove (623) 864-5464
    Cable Companies  
    Cable America(Mesa) (480) 461-0715
    Cox Communications (Phoenix) (602) 277-1000
    Sun Lakes Cable (480) 895-8084
    Triax Cablevision (480) 982-2528
    U.S. Cable (800) 783-5704
    Arizona Public Service (602) 371-7171
    Salt River Project (602) 236-8888
    Southwest Gas (602) 861-1999
    (800) 873-2440
    Internet Service:  
    COX Communications (623) 594-1142
    Earthlink (800) 511-2041
    HEI Communications (877) 900-9063
    Qwest (800) 996-2516
    Telephone Service:  
    Comm South (888) 224-5901
    Compass Telecommunications (480) 367-8004
    Cox Communications (602) 277-1000
    MCI WorldCom (800) 950-5555
    Qwest Communications (800) 244-1111
    Water and Trash Collection  
    Phoenix (602) 262-6262 ext. 335
    Tempe (480) 350-8265
    Mesa (480) 644-2688
    Scottsdale (480) 391-5600


    3 KTVK ind.
    5 KPHO CBS
    8 KAET PBS
    10 KSAZ FOX
    12 KPNX NBC
    15 KNXV ABC
    17 KPHO-DT CBS
    20 KPAZ-DT TBN
    21 KPAZ TBN
    22 KTVP-LP America’s Store
    24 KTVK-DT ind.
    26 KUTP-DT MyTV
    29 KAET-DT PBS
    31 KSAZ-DT FOX
    33 KTVW UNI
    34 KTVW-DT UNI
    36 KPNX-DT NBC
    39 KTAZ TEL
    39 KTAZ-DT TEL
    41 KPDF-CA Azteca America
    43 KEJR-LP ind.(Sp.)
    44 KPHE-LP Tube
    45 KUTP MyTV
    48 KDTP-CA Daystar
    49 KASW-DT CW
    56 KNXV-DT ABC
    58 KDTP-LP ACN
    61 KASW CW


    AM Radio       
    KFYI 550 News/Talk
    KTAR 620 Talk Radio/ News
    KGME 910 Sports
    KDUS 1060 Sports
    KOY 1230 Nostalgia
    KFNN 1510 Financial News
    KMIK 1580 Disney
    FM Radio       
    KBAQ 89.5 Classical
    KDKB 93.3 Rock
    KOOL 94.5 Oldies
    KYOT 95.5 Smooth Jazz
    KMXP 96.9 Rock/ Pop/ 80s + 90s
    KUPD 97.9 Rock
    KESZ 99.9 Soft Rock
    KSLX 100.7 Classic Rock
    KZON 101.5 Alternative Rock
    KNIX 102.5 Country
    KZZP 104.7 Contemporary Hits
    KMLE 108 Country/ New Country


    Carefree Cactus Gardens

    (480) 585-0754

    25601 N. Scottsdale Rd., Carefree

    The gardens boast one of the largest cactus greenhouses in the area.

    Deer Valley Rock Art Center

    (623) 582-8007

    3711 W. Deer Valley Rd.

    The center, at the foot of Adobe Dam, offers interpretive exhibits and a nature trail to the Hedgpeth Hills petroglyph site, the largest concentration of petroglyphs in the Phoenix area. The site is operated by Arizona State University and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

    Desert Botanical Garden

    (480) 941-1225, (480) 481-8134

    1201 N. Galvin Pkwy.

    The garden, located in Papago Park, displays nearly 20,000 desert plants and offers horticulture classes, workshops, tours, exhibits, field trips, and special events.

    Encanto Park

    (602) 262-6412

    15th Ave. and Encanto Blvd.

    This 222-acre park is a popular downtown destination featuring canals, a lagoon, a swimming pool, an amusement park, a nature trail, and two golf courses. Boating, picnicking, soccer, softball, tennis, basketball, racquetball, and general exercise areas are available.

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    Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa

    (602) 955-6600

    2400 E Missouri Ave

    The famous Arizona Biltmore Resort is located just north of the Camelback Corridor in Phoenix. Often mistakenly credited to Wright himself, the Biltmore was actually designed by his colleague, Albert Chase McArthur. Nonetheless, the Wright influence is strong, and the hotel certainly is one of Phoenix’s architectural highlights.

    If you visit the hotel, be certain to look up the hill to another well-known landmark in Phoenix, the Wrigley Mansion (2501 E Telawa Trail), the former home of the chewing gum magnate.

    Burton Barr Central Library

    (602) 262-4636

    1221 N Central Ave


    On Central Avenue, the most significant contemporary architecture in downtown Phoenix is undoubtedly the Burton Barr Central Library designed by Will Bruder. The copper exterior is perfectly suited for Arizona, one of the world’s leading copper-producing areas.  Glass walls, mirrors, and skylights create magical lighting effects within the Crystal Canyon, a five-story glass atrium. The largest reading room in North America is located on the top floor and is covered by a cable-suspended steel ceiling.

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    Phoenix Art Museum

    1625 N. Central Ave.

    (602) 257-1880 (24-hr.), Recorded info.: (602) 257-1222

    The largest facility of its kind in the Southwest, the Phoenix Art Museum features more than 14,000 works in its collection. The Thorne Miniature Rooms and the interactive ArtWorks Gallery for children are added attractions.

    Phoenix Art Museum was founded in 1949 and opened in 1959. It is a private not-for-profit organization that evolved from its predecessors, Phoenix Art Center and the Phoenix Fine Arts Association. In 1996, Phoenix Art Museum celebrated the conclusion of an extensive $25 million expansion and renovation which more than doubled its size. At over 160,000 square feet, it is one of the largest general visual arts institutions in the Southwest. Hosting over 567,000 visitors in 1999, providing privileges to over 22,000 Museum members, and reaching an additional 40,000 through its outreach programs, Phoenix Art Museum offers something for everyone in the family.

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    Performing Arts

    Ashley Furniture Store Pavilion

    (602) 254-7200

    2121 N. 83rd Ave.


    Cricket Concert Info Line: (602) 254-7200

    This 20,000-seat outdoor facility hosts live music performances by artists from around the world. The pavilions season typically runs from mid-spring through mid-fall and attracts more than 400,000 concert-goers annually.

    ASU Gammage Auditorium

    (480) 965-5062

    ASU main campus

    Apache Blvd. and Mill Ave.


    Box office: (480) 965-3434

    A creation by Frank Lloyd Wright and internationally known for its design, this 3,017-seat auditorium hosts the America West Airlines Valley Broadway series plus dance and theater, symphonies, concerts, comedy, and lectures. Gammages intimate “On-Stage” series puts the audience on stage with the artists for a unique performance experience.

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    Patriots Square Park

    (602) 495-3798 or (602) 261-8055

    Central Ave. and Washington St.

    The 2.5-acre park boasts an outdoor performing arts stage with a 10,000-watt PA system and framed by a man-made waterfall. A large parking garage is situated under the park.

    South Mountain Park

    (602) 495-0222

    10919 S. Central Ave.

    Encompassing an impressive 16,500-acre section of Phoenix, South Mountain Park is the largest municipal park in the world. It boasts more than 300 species of flora and is home to a variety of fauna. Picnic areas and ramadas, hiking trails, and scenic lookouts are offered. A paved road leads to the mountains summit where visitors enjoy a panoramic view of the valley.

    Squaw Peak Recreation Area

    (602) 262-7901

    2701 E. Squaw Peak Dr.

    Squaw Peak, part of the Phoenix Mountain Preserves, is one of the citys best-known landmarks. A 1.2-mile trail leads to the summit, which offers a spectacular view of the Valley of the Sun.

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    What Makes the Phoenix Golf Experience So Unique?

    Start with near-perfect weather, add outstanding courses and the Sonoran Desert’s scenic beauty and you understand why metro Phoenix is one of the world’s top golf destinations.

    The Phoenix area has 190+ of the state’s 300 golf courses, Greater Phoenix offers abundance of challenging links. Statistics show that last year more than2 million tourists and 500,000 Arizona residents spent nearly $1 billion on golf and related products, while playing 11 million rounds. So you can see, Phoenix golf is quite popular!

    Greater Phoenix has added more golf courses than any place in the United States over the past six years. Since 1992, 585 holes have been added to the local golf inventory with 522 more in the planning stage or under construction. Arizona has more golf courses per capita than any state west of the Mississippi River.


    Major Shopping Centers

    Arizona Center

    455 N 3rd Street

    Phoenix, AZ 85004-2240

    (602) 271-4000

    Located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, the Arizona Center is an open-air oasis of dining, shopping, ponds and gardens in a unique urban setting.

    Arizona Mills

    5000 Arizona Mills Circle

    Tempe, AZ 85282

    (480) 491-7300

    The ultimate outlet shopping mall. featuring merchandise from the world’s best brands, over 60 outlets store. The mall also features IMAX theatre and the Rain Forest Café.

    Arrowhead Towne Center

    7700 West Arrowhead Towne Center

    Glendale, AZ 85308

    (623) 979-9764

    Arrowhead Towne Center is the Northwest Valley’s premier shopping venue serving this expanding marketplace of metropolitan Phoenix. The 1.3 million-square-foot center boasts an array of stores and eateries including five department stores – Dillard’s, Robinsons-May, Sears, JCPenney, and Mervyn’s, a 14-screen AMC Theatre, two sit-down restaurants, a terrific food court, more than 170 specialty retailers, and a scenic outdoor amphitheater.

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    With the Arizona Diamondbacks, past World Series champions, there couldn’t be a more exciting time for baseball fans to be in Phoenix. In addition to the Diamondbacks who play at Chase Field, Phoenix is also the home base of the Arizona Cardinals (NFL), the Phoenix Suns (NBA), the Phoenix Coyotes (NHL), the Phoenix Mercury (WNBA), and the Arizona Rattlers (arena football), the Arizona Sting (NLL) and the Arizona Sahuaros (MPSL).

    Phoenix is the host of the yearly Tostitos Fiesta Bowl college football festival, and rents rooms to players on seven major league baseball teams who conduct their spring training in Phoenix each year: the Chicago Cubs, San Diego Padres, Milwaukee Brewers, Anaheim Angels, San Francisco Giants, Seattle Mariners, and Oakland Athletics. The Phoenix Open (PGA), Standard Register Turquoise Classic (LPGA), and The Tradition (Senior PGA) are the pro golf matches that unfold in Phoenix each year. In addition, the Phoenix International Raceway and Manzanita Speedway feature Indy, NASCAR, and drag racing. Glendale is the new home of NFL Arizona Cardinals. The new University of Phoenix Stadium offers an air-conditioned space for 63,000 permanent seats, expandable to 73,000 for mega events like the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl and NFL Super Bowls. It is a state-of-the art facility featuring a roll-out natural grass field and retractable roof.

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    Higher Education

    With each new technological revolution it becomes more apparent how important education is. There are many different options and with the advent of new technologies a person can schedule courses around their busy schedule, and even take classes in the comfort of their own home.

    Community Colleges

    Community colleges are the bridge between High school and the road to higher education. Many community colleges promote advanced placement programs that start at the high school level that offer motivated and gifted students an opportunity to earn college credit while in high school. Community colleges are often considered an affordable option to earn general education credits before attending an upper division school or university. Many community colleges offer programs and certificates that help working adults hone their skills for the ever changing work environment.

    Liberal Arts Colleges

    Liberal arts colleges offer courses that range from language studies to sciences, such as sociology and Psychology.

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    Medical Facilities

    Health care facilities in the Greater Phoenix area provide access to the latest developments in treatment and technology. In addition toseveral research facilities such as Mayo Clinic and the Arizona Heart.

    Arizona Heart Hospital

    1930 E Thomas Road


    Banner Baywood Heart Center

    6750 E Baywood Ave.


    Banner Baywood Medical Center

    6644 E Baywood Ave


    Banner Desert Medical Center

    1400 S Dobson Road


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    Luke Air Force Base

    Luke Air Force Base was named after Second Lieutenant Frank Luke, a United States flying ace during World War I (1897–1918). Lt Luke was the first aviator to ever be awarded the Medal of Honor  for acts of valor during battle.  Frank Luke was born in Phoenix in 1897, and was known as the “Arizona Balloon Buster”, he scored 18 aerial victories during World War I (14 of these German observation balloons) in the skies over France. Lieutenant Luke was shot down at Murvaux between Verdun and Stenay, France, on Sep 29th, 1918, after he had destroyed three enemy balloons. Surviving the crash of his plane, Lieutenant Luke drew two pistols and fired on German soldiers, killing several of them before he was killed; he was awarded the prestigious medal posthumously.

    In 1940, the U.S. Army sent a representative to Arizona to choose a site for an Army Air Corps training field for advanced training in conventional fighter aircraft. The city of Phoenix bought 1,440 acres (5.8 km2) of land which they leased to the government at $1 a year, effective March 24th, 1941.

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    Area Employers

    Here is a sampling of the many potential employers in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

    Cintas Corporation5432 W Missouri AveGlendale, AZ
    CIT Group Inc.1540 W Fountainhead PkwyTempe, AZ
    Hilton Hotels Corporation5401 N Scottsdale RdScottsdale, AZ
    IASIS Healthcare Corporation515 N Mesa DrMesa, AZ

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