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Stockholm Museums

The Museum City of Stockholm parades around 100 museums. From large well known museums like the National Museum and The Museum of History to smaller cultural pearls like the Hallwyl Palace, the Museum of the Post Office and Ulriksdal´s Orangery.

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Stockholm’s centre for photography, art, multimedia, fashion, music, dance and theater. Kulturhuset at Sergels torg in Stockholm opened its doors in 1974. With its central location and striking seventies architecture, Kulturhuset has become a symbol for Stockholm and the growth of modernism in Sweden.

Hallwyl Collection
Hamngatan 4
111 47 Stockholm
(46) 8 519-55599

The Swedish Museum of Natural History
Frescativägen 40
104 05 Stcokholm
(46) 8 519-54000

National Museum of Cultural History
Djurgårdsvägen 6
115 93 Stockholm
(46) 8 519-54600

Postal Museum
Lilla Nygatan 6
111 28 Stockholm
(46) 8 781-1755

Ulriksdal Orangery Museum
Ulriksdals Slottspark
170 79 Solna
(46) 8 401-6130

Museum of Modern Art
103 27 Stockholm
(46) 8 519-55200

Experience one of Europe’s premier collections of art from the 20th century until today, with artists such as Picasso, Dali, and Matisse.

The Nobel Museum
Stortorget 2
111 29 Stockholm
(46) 8 534-81800

Cutting edge design and technology present the history of the Nobel Prize. Learn about Alfred Nobel, the Laureates and their ground-breaking discoveries and ideas.

The Royal Palace
111 30 Stockholm
(46) 8 402-6130

The official residence of His Majesty the King was constructed in the 18th century. Visit the Reception Rooms with their magnificent interiors from the 18th and 19th centuries, the Hall of State with Queen Christina’s silver throne, and the Apartments of the Orders of Chivalry.


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