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Mexico City – Weather

It is moderate in winter, warm and dry during the months of April and May. The rainy season begins in May and ends around October and generally consists of sunny mornings followed by cloudy afternoons with rain. Mornings and nights may be cold, especially during the winter.


Month Avg Hi Avg Lo Avg Precip
Jan 70°F 43°F 0.40 in.
Feb 73°F 45°F 0.40 in.
Mar 77°F 49°F 0.50 in.
Apr 79°F 52°F 1.10 in.
May 79°F 54°F 2.30 in.
Jun 76°F 54°F 6.20 in.
Jul 73°F 53°F 7.20 in.
Aug 74°F 53°F 6.80 in.
Sep 73°F 53°F 5.70 in.
Oct 72°F 50°F 2.40 in.
Nov 72°F 47°F 0.20 in.
Dec 70°F 45°F 0.30 in.