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Mexico City – Dining

Mexico has one of the richest cuisines on earth, and one can literally discover a new dish or type of food every day. Foreigners should of course be very careful when eating out, especially when eating food from street vendors. Like any country, Mexico has its own particular type of germs and bacteria which foreigners need to become accustomed to. Until the body can develop the necessary immunity, one can experience an unpleasant time in coping with the change. The physical discomfort that accompanies this period of adjustment is often referred to as ‘Montezuma’s Revenge’. Nevertheless, with a little care and some discernment, there is a lot to discover and enjoy when it comes to eating in Mexico. Many will tell you to stay away from street food, but for those who are a little daring, street food can be very satisfying. There are hundreds of different things to find, hundreds of different types of tacos, tortas, flautas, tamales, etc… You can eat anything and everything.

Traditional Mexican food can often be very spicy; if you are not used to peppers, always ask if your food includes it. (¿Esto tiene chile?).

Chicharron: deep fried pork skin.

Tacos – (tortillas filled with meat (asada (steak strips), pollo (shredded chicken), carnitas (fried shredded pork), lengua (tongue), cabeza (meat from cow skull), sesos (cow brains).

Tamales – corn dough shell with meat or vegatable fillings. Tamales Dulces contain fruit and/or nuts.

Tortas – Fancy Mexican sandwich. Bread is fried lightly, meat fillings are same as tacos, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeños, beans, onion, mayonnaise and avocado.

Quesadillas – Cheese or other ingredients grilled in between tortillas.

Mole – Mild to medium spice sauce with hint of peanut over meat, usually served with shredded chicken. (‘Pollo en mole’)

Pozole: Chicken or pork broth with hominy corn, spiced when served with oregano, lettuce, lemon juice, radish, chopped onion, dried ground chile and other ingredients, usually served with a side dish of tostadas, fried potato and fresh cheese tacos.

Gorditas: corn patty stuffed with chicharron, chicken, cheese, etc. topped with cream, cheese and hot sauce.

Guacamole: crushed avocado sauce with green serrano chile, chopped red tomato and onion, lemon juice and fried tortilla slices “totopos”.

Tostadas: fried flat tortilla topped with fried beans, lettuce, cream, fresh cheese, sliced red tomato and onion, hot sauce, and chicken or other main ingredient.

Huaraches: a bigger version a gordita.

Sopes: corn patty topped with a wide variety of ingredients such as chicken, cheese, etc. and hot sauce.

Carnitas: deep fried pork meat.