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London Weather

London has a temperate climate with regular but generally light precipitation throughout the year. The warmest month is July, with an average temperature range at Greenwich of 13.6 °C-22.8 °C (56.5–73.0 °F). The coolest month is January, averaging 2.4 °C-7.9 °C (35.6–46.2 °F). Average annual precipitation is 583.6 mm (22.98 inches), with February on average the driest month. Snow is uncommon, particularly because heat from the urban area can make London 5 °C hotter than the surrounding areas in winter.


Month Avg Hi Avg Lo Avg Precip
Jan 44°F 32°F 3.10 in.
Feb 44°F 32°F 2.00 in.
Mar 49°F 34°F 2.40 in.
Apr 54°F 38°F 2.10 in.
May 61°F 43°F 2.20 in.
Jun 67°F 48°F 2.20 in.
Jul 71°F 52°F 1.80 in.
Aug 70°F 51°F 2.20 in.
Sep 65°F 47°F 2.70 in.
Oct 59°F 43°F 2.90 in.
Nov 50°F 37°F 3.00 in.
Dec 45°F 34°F 3.10 in.