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Glasgow Public Transportation

Consort House,
12 West George Street
Glasgow G2 1HN
Phone: 0141 332 6811
SPT is in charge of the local transportation.  It’s a pretty well developed system, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble using it to travel the area if you wish.  Trains connect the outlying suburbs with the city itself.  The Subway system circles downtown, fare is 1 pound.  The SPT provides a variety of different passes that cover days, weekends, etc.

First Glasgow
Glasgow has an extensive (and somewhat confusing) bus service run by the privately owned First company. Recently it rather cleverly began marketing the network as the “Over Ground.” Routes tend to run between east and west or north and south, with all buses coming though the city center. Service is frequent during the day. After 11pm it is curtailed on most routes, but some (for example the 9, 12, 40, 62) run all night long now although there is a premium put on tickets. Typically, fares range from £0.75 for a single fare stage (approximately half a mile) up to £1.35, while for travel across the Greater Glasgow area a fare of up to £3.75 may be charged. A week-long ticket costs £12.50. The city bus station is the Buchanan Street Bus Station. For £2.55, you can buy a FirstDay bus ticket that allows you to hop on and off coaches all day long. The ticket is valid daily from 9:30am to midnight. It’s sold by drivers. For more information,

By Taxi
Metered taxis are the same ones found in Edinburgh or London: the so-called Fast Black, which you can hail or pick up at taxi ranks in the city center. Fares are displayed on a meter next to the driver. When a taxi is available on the street, a sign on the roof is lit. Most taxi trips within the city cost £4 to £6. A surcharge is imposed for late night/early morning runs. Generally speaking, give the driver a 10% tip. There are also Private Hire cars run by various companies, but they cannot be hailed.