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Delhi Climate

The weather in Delhi can be quite extreme. During the summer months (May, June and July) temperatures can rise up to 48 C (114 F). The days are hot and often accompanied by dust storms, thus making Delhi very dusty. Although the humidity is generally low there is still a dry heat which means that most activities take place indoors. During Monsoon Season (July, August and September) showers occur quite frequently which causes temperatures to lower, but the humidity increases. October through March are universally acknowledged as the best months in Delhi, as the temperatures are much milder. December and January are typically cooler (6 to 12 C). Do note, most buildings do not have central heat, so a sweater is essential for the winter months.

Month Avg Hi Avg Lo Avg Precip
Jan 69°F 45°F 0.80 in.
Feb 74°F 50°F 0.80 in.
Mar 84°F 59°F 0.60 in.
Apr 96°F 70°F 0.80 in.
May 102°F 78°F 1.00 in.
Jun 101°F 82°F 2.80 in.
Jul 94°F 80°F 9.30 in.
Aug 92°F 79°F 9.30 in.
Sep 93°F 76°F 4.50 in.
Oct 91°F 67°F 0.70 in.
Nov 82°F 55°F 0.40 in.