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Delhi – By Car

Driving in India is not for the fainthearted. All manner of vehicles, animals, and other obstacles share the roadways. The unwritten rule of traffic is that smaller yields to bigger. Thus, vehicles have right-of-way over pedestrians, and bigger vehicles have right-of-way over smaller ones. However, another unwritten rule is that the one who has the most to lose will yield.

Cows, which are sacred to Hindus, always have the right of way.

The safest way to traverse a typical congested Indian road is to drive very carefully. Allow plenty of time to reach your destination. Do not drive after dark-it is considered dangerous. Poor street lighting and sporadic power failures will make finding your way on unfamiliar roads even more difficult.

Almost all expatriates with families have their own car, and in many cases, also a driver. Some city dwellers are able to get by without a car, relying instead on taxis and the services of rented cars with drivers.