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Cairo Shopping

The American University Bookshop
Hill House on AUC Campus
113 Shar’a Qasr al-Aini
Cairo, Egypt
02 794-2969

The American University Bookshop downtown is the best source in Cairo for English books.  They have a huge selection and will order most in-print books available in the US and UK.  There’s also a Zamalek branch.

Anglo-Egyptian Bookstore
165 Shar’a Muhammad Farid
Cairo, Egypt
02 391-4337
This bookstore is known for its great selection of nonfiction books.  It feels just like a bookstore should.  The Anglo-Egyptian Bookstore is in the St. David building downtown.

Khan al-Khalili 
East Cairo
Cairo, Egypt
If you’re ready to put your haggling skills to the test, come to the Khan market.  It’s a maze of alleys and streets that has been filled to the brim with vendors since the 1300s.  It is dizzying the first time you’re here, but it hums with a life like no other place.  It’s open from 10 am till 9 pm most days.

First Mall
35 Giza Street
Cairo, Egypt 12311
The First Mall connects the two towers of Cairo’s First Residence, a luxury housing complex.  The stores here fit the location, and are mainly upscale items like Bvlgari and Versace.

Pandora’s Box
4 Shar’a Isma’il Muhammad # 1, Zamalek
Cairo, Egypt
02 341-2713
This is the place that trendy Egyptian girls head to buy clothes to go to the clubs in.  Almost all of the clothes here are imported from some cutting edge fashion house somewhere in the world, and the prices reflect that.  But if you want a western high fashion outfit, there’s no better place to go.

World Trade Center
1191 Cornich el-Nil St
Cairo, Egypt
02 578-0729
The World Trade Center is a fully modern shopping mall with more than 100 different upscale shops.