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Cairo Performing Arts

El Borg Gezira
Cairo, Egypt
02 340-6861
Part of the Opera House complex, but intended as a space for experimental performing arts, the hall hosts some of Cairo’s most interesting music and dance. With little cultural criticism in the local press to guide your decision, just take your chances; odds are the show will be worth seeing. There is also a café and gallery on-site.

Cairo Opera Company
El Borg Gezira
Cairo, Egypt
02 342-0601

Opera has been performed in Cairo at least since 1840, though the Cairo Opera Company was established in 1964.  Today, the Company’s repertoire has 32 productions and a permanent ensemble of 32 world class singers.

Al-Ghuri Cultural Palace
Qasr al-Ghuri, Shar’a al-Mu’iz
Islamic Cairo South, Cairo, Egypt
02 510-0823
The Cultural Palace is a great lace to go to immerse yourself in Arabic music and dance.  The whole thing takes place in an old mansion.  Performances are free, so you need to arrive early to get a spot.

Jazz Club
197 Shar’a 26 Yulyu, Mohandiseen
Cairo, Egypt
02 345-9939
The Jazz Club is one of the few western live music venues in the city.  The jazz here definitely has an Arab feel to it, and the young crowd has great energy.

Opera House
El Borg Gezira
Cairo, Egypt
02 342-0601

The Opera House hosts more than just the Cairo Opera.  The Cairo Symphony, National Arabic Music Ensemble, and Cairo Ballet all use the building, which also hosts touring performers from around the world.  A tie and jacket is required for men, but prices here are great compared to performance halls in other cities.

Piano Piano
World Trade Center
Corniche al-Nil, Boulaq
Cairo, Egypt
02 580-4575
This is a dimly lit piano bar that has an upscale crowd.  It serves plenty of fried food and has a full bar, a rarity in some parts of Cairo.

Ramses Hilton
1115 Corniche al-Nil
Cairo, Egypt
02 574-7436
The movie theater in the shopping center attached to the hotel downtown is the best place to find recent Hollywood releases.

1191 Carniche El Nile
Cairo, Egypt
02 580-4039
This movie theater is in the World Trade Center.  It’s one of the most modern theaters in the city, with good seating and sound.  Sometimes the theater shows special children’s matinees.