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Buenos Aires – Air Transportation

Ezeiza International Airport
Ricchieri Highway, Km. 22.
Gran Buenos Aires
Telephon: 5480-6111
The airport is about a 30 minute drive from downtown Buenos Aires.  It is well serviced by flights around South America and to the United States and Europe.

Getting to and from Ezeiza Airport
As soon as you claim your baggage and exit the customs area of the airport, you may be approached and offered car services to the city. It is strongly recommended that you don’t take any of these people’s cars, as they are not authorized to carry passengers and usually take advantage of tourists. If you do not have a reservation prior to your arrival, you can make it as soon as you arrive at the transportation booths located outside the customs area.

The Manuel Tienda León Bus Company provides transportation to the center of the city and has reservation booths in the arrival hall. The minibuses depart every hour, are inexpensive and make several stops along the way. Confirm with the operator if your destination is close to their stop.

Remise (car service)
Remises are similar to taxis but they are private cars, (no specific colors or signs) and you do not flag them on the streets; you must request them by telephone or in person at the “Remiserias.” The price of the trip is pre-arranged, meaning that you know exactly how much you will pay when you tell the operator what your destination is. This transportation is very safe, it is cheaper than taxis and they will always take the fastest route, unlike many taxis that prefer to drive you around in order to charge you more. The “remiserias” or “agencias de remise” are small offices or store fronts located throughout the city. It is recommended that you use this option if you already have a reservation and the driver is waiting for you.

Taxis have reservation booths inside the airport. Confirm the price before making the reservation. Do not take a taxi from a person who verbally offers the service inside the airport hall.

Public Transportation
If you are not carrying large or heavy luggage and want to spend very little money in transportation, this is your best bet. It takes about 1½ hour to get to downtown Buenos Aires. The fare is paid on the bus with coins only, so make sure to have at least $2 in coins. Go to the information booth inside the arrivals hall and ask for the exact location of the bus stop for bus number 86. When getting on the bus you must tell the driver your destination (e.g. Centro or Plaza de Mayo) and put the coins in the ticket machine; wait a few seconds for the machine to print a receipt and to give your change back. Keep the receipt handy because it may be requested during the trip.