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Belfast Higher Education

Queen’s University Belfast
University Road
Northern Ireland
44 28 90 245133

Queen’s University Belfast (informally known as Queen’s) was originally part of Queen’s University of Ireland, founded in 1845 to encourage higher education for Catholics and Presbyterians as a counterpart to the Trinity College, Dublin, then an Anglican institution. The university offers academic degrees at various levels and across a broad subject range. It is particularly strong in the following professions: pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, law, accountancy, architecture, engineering as well as pure and applied sciences, the arts and humanities and social sciences. The university recently announced a £259 million investment program focusing on facilities, recruitment and research.

St. Mary’s University College
191 Falls Road
Northern Ireland
BT12 6FE
44 28 9032 7678

St Mary’s University College was established in 1985, but can directly trace its existence to 1900 and the foundation of St Mary’s Training College. While the institution focused mainly on education of women for teaching, St Joseph’s Training College was set up to train men and it is the amalgamation of these two colleges which created the current institution in 1985. The institution is located on the Falls Road in Belfast, and has approximately 60 staff and 1,300 students. The institution offers courses at undergraduate and postgraduate for teacher training, especially for a Catholic ethos.

Stranmillis University College
Stranmillis Road
Northern Ireland
44 28 9038 1271

Stranmillis University College is a university college of Queen’s University Belfast and was established in 1922 to provide state-funded teacher training by the then newly created Government of Northern Ireland to ensure that there would be a non-denominational teacher training college within the new country after the partition of Ireland. This status was undermined early in its existence, after a statement by Roman Catholic bishops to the effect that a graduate of the institution would not be allowed to teach in a Catholic school soon ensured that the institution became identified as a Protestant-only institution. The institution is located in Belfast, and has approximately 700 students today and offers the BEd, PGCE and TESOL, as well as other courses.

University of Ulster
York Street
Northern Ireland
BT15 1ED

The University of Ulster (UU) is a multi-center university with origins in the combination of the New University with Magee College, Ulster Polytechnic and the College of Art and Design. The University has four campuses, in Belfast, Coleraine, Magee in Derry, and Jordanstown, and a fifth virtual campus, Campus One. The administrative headquarters are at the Coleraine Campus. The virtual campus delivers online programs, mostly at the graduate level. The University of Ulster has notched up a series of recent successes, with rising demand for places and a thriving development program. A record number of applications in 2004-05 kept the University of Ulster in the top 10 of the UK’s most popular universities.