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Athens – Public Transportation

Public Transportation in Athens has improved considerably recently, and now it’s pretty easy to get around town.  The city has a really good thing going in it’s flat fare tickets.  For 1 euro, you can travel on any public transportation, including transfers, for 90 minutes.  For 3 euros, it’s good for 24 hours, and for 10 euros it’s good for the week.

Attiko Metro
The metro system in Athens is brand new and very well maintained.  No food or drink is allowed on the trains.  Standard fare is 80 cents, except to the airport, which is 6 euros.

Suburban Railway

Athens Tram
The Suburban Railway and the Athens Tram provide connections with Athens’ suburbs, one tickets is 60 cents.

Athens Urban Transportation Administration (OASA)
OASA runs the buses in the city.  Tickets are cheap, only 50 cents, but it’s not quite as nice as the metro.

Athens and its suburbs are covered by a good network of buses, with express buses running between central Athens and major neighborhoods, including nearby beaches. During the day, buses tend to run every 15-30 minutes, with reduced service at night and on weekends. Buses run from about 5:00am to midnight. No transfers are issued; you validate a new ticket every time you change vehicles. If you’re making several short stops, a 90-minute ticket may be cheaper.

Orange-and-white KTEL buses provide efficient service throughout the Attica basin. Most buses to the east Attica coast, including those for Sounion and Marathon, leave from the KTEL terminal.


Most drivers in Athens speak basic English. Although you can find an empty taxi on the street, it’s often faster to call out your destination to one carrying passengers; if the taxi is going in that direction, the driver will pick you up. Likewise, don’t be alarmed if your driver picks up other passengers (although he should ask your permission first, and he will never pick up another fare if you are a woman traveling alone at night). Each passenger pays full fare for the distance he or she has traveled.

Taxis are bright yellow, and can be an affordable way to get around town.  Minimum fare is 2.65 euros, and different rates apply for trips in town and out.  In town, it starts at 1 euro, and then is 34 cents per kilometer.  Out of town, it starts at 1 euro, and is 64 cents per kilometer.  From midnight to 5 am, trips in or out of town have the same rate, 1 euro plus 64 cents/km.  It’s common to round up fares to the nearest euro.