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Athens – Climate

Athens is known as one of the sunniest cities in Europe, with a semi-arid climate and low average annual rainfall. The rain that does occur falls during the winter months, between mid-October and mid-April, usually as short, heavy showers. Summers are very hot, exacerbated by smoggy conditions, and heat waves are common during July and August when the mercury soars to over 104°F (40C). Winters are mild, although frost can occur and nights can be cold.

Month Avg Hi Avg Lo Avg Precip
Jan 55°F 43°F 1.80 in.
Feb 56°F 44°F 1.90 in.
Mar 60°F 47°F 1.70 in.
Apr 68°F 52°F 1.10 in.
May 77°F 59°F 0.70 in.
Jun 85°F 68°F 0.40 in.
Jul 90°F 72°F 0.20 in.
Aug 90°F 72°F 0.20 in.
Sep 84°F 66°F 0.50 in.
Oct 73°F 58°F 1.90 in.
Nov 65°F 52°F 2.00 in.
Dec 58°F 46°F 2.60 in.