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Melbourne Etiquette

Being punctual is critical.

Maintain good eye contact during meetings and conversations.

A single, male passenger using a taxi should sit in the front seat.

Gift giving is not a common practice in business.

You may bring a small gift of chocolate, wine or flowers if invited to someone’s home.

When paying for a round of drinks, do not pick up the tab out of turn, and make sure to pay when it is your turn.

Should you approach a line/queue, go to the end/back and wait your turn.

Do not litter.

Eating and drinking in public transports and many shops and galleries are usually unacceptable.

Tipping is not a custom in Australia, and is not expected. If you receive good service, however, you may choose to tip at cafes or restaurants; 10% of the bill would be reasonable. In taxis, you may also choose to round up the payment according to service received.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all public buildings, on public transports, in taxis and most stores.

English is the spoken language

Shake hands when meeting and when leaving.

Exchanging business cards is common among professional workers.

Australians are friendly and open, but directness and brevity are valued.

Opinions are respected, and opinionated discussions are entertaining.

Be an active listener, and ask if you do not understand something in the conversation.

Do not hype yourself, your company or your information.

Sightseeing and sports are good conversational topics

Men wear a conservative dark business suit and tie.

Women may wear a dress, or skirt and blouse, for business.

Informal clothing is appropriate when not attending business functions. Casual pants are fine for both men and women.

Men should not become physically demonstrative with another man, or wink at a woman.


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