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U Pack we ship
(866) 258-8725

International Shipping company with offices in both the United States and Europe. UPakWeShip specializes in International Shipping and overseas moves to Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other destinations.

LTV Relocation
(800) 787-2323

When an international transfer is undertaken, the complexities can seem overwhelming, spanning continents, languages, and customs. No need to worry. As international shippers, we handle all the necessary steps for you.

Ace Moving
(888) 359-3090

ACE Worldwide is one of the largest agents for Atlas Van Lines, with 16 offices nationwide, and over 50 years experience in relocating families.

Marlog Cargo USA, Inc
(800) 599-0190

Marlog Cargo USA Inc/Schumacher Cargo Lines is an international household goods & vehicle transportation company. We specialize in shipments to and from the USA, to all worldwide destinations.

(877) 272-8309

When you make the decision to relocate cargo, nothing matters more than a professional and competent service agent, to provide the knowledge necessary and guide you through the specifics needed to tailor your specific needs.

Automobile Shipping
Normal transit time is usually within 8 to 10 business days and may vary upon actual route, assuming that at least 2 weeks prior notice of your shipment dates is given. Auto Transporters generally appreciate a three-business day window to schedule the pick up/delivery of your vehicle(s). As your pick-up/delivery dates gets closer you will receive a confirmation call giving you a specific date and time frame. The transit time referenced above is based on standard transport times and in certain cases transit times may take less time. For example, it only takes a truck 5 days to go from NYC to LA. If your vehicle(s) is the last car to load and the first one to unload, a shorter delivery time frame is possible, however if your car is the first to load and the last to come off, then your transit time will be closer to 2 weeks. Please keep this in mind when planning your transport.


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