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Madrid – Air Transportation

Madrid Barajas Airport (MAD)
(34) 91-393-6060
The airport’s three terminals stand side by side, linked by corridors and moving walkways. This ribbon development presents its own challenges even to those who enjoy physical exercise and, sensibly, there is a transfer bus service for those passengers changing flights and terminals.

Terminal 1 is the biggest and least complicated, but it is easy to lose your sense of direction in Terminal 2, and even the small Terminal 3, where facilities are spread unevenly over either two or three levels. On the landside, those in search of a meal need persistence to track down some of the more desirable places.

Terminal 2 is redeemed by a pleasant lounge area where you can relax and watch the planes come and go.

The airport is 15km (9 miles) to the northeast of downtown Madrid.

Rental Cars  
National Atesa

TELE-TAXI: 91-371-2131
RADIO-TELE TAXI: 91-547-8200
There are taxis outside each Terminal’s Arrivals area. Journey time to central Madrid is around 25-30 minutes depending on traffic.   Fare: Around €15-€20 including airport supplements.  Make sure you take a cab from the official stand and not from someone offering taxis inside the terminal.