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Hong Kong Dining

Hong Kong is home to thousands and thousands of restaurants, and given it’s history as a British colony, showcases plenty of Western cuisine in addition to traditional Chinese fair.  Hong Kong residents tend to dine out more often than those in other countries.  Eating out can be fairly cheap, especially if you stick to local restaurants.

Hong Kong has a lot of great seafood restaurants, and the fact that you’re never far from the ocean ensures that your food is fresh.  Tea cafes are very popular as well.  If you see someone tap the table with three fingers, it’s a silent gesture to thank the person who refilled their cup.

Tap water is safe to drink, but the government recommends boiling it because the pipes may contain contaminants.  An easy solution is to boil or filter the water, or buy inexpensive bottled water.

The supermarkets that cater specifically to westerners are typically more expensive than regular grocery stores, but you’re much more likely to find exactly what you’re looking for if you want western food.  Regular supermarkets are generally more Asian-focused, though you can still find what you need.  Local fresh food markets, called ‘wet markets’ in the vernacular, are generally cheap, and have all manner of fruit, Chinese vegetables and greens, fish, meat, and household items.


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