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Berlin – Embassy

Neustädtische Kirchstrasse 4-5
10117 Berlin
(030) 2385 174

Visa Appointments & American Citizen Services
Consular Section
Clayallee 170
14195 Berlin
Routine calls: (030) 832-9233, 2-4 pm, Monday through Friday.
Emergencies only: (030) 8305-0

Information Resource Center (IRC)
(030) 83 05 11 88

Embassy and Consulate Information Resource Centers can assist you with your inquiries about U.S. government policy and organization, economy, history, culture and society. Information resources range from basic reference works to specialized government documents, legislation and a wide spectrum of American newspapers and periodicals. The IRCs are part of a network of information centers within the U.S. federal government and the American library community. Consider the IRC in your consular district your primary resource in Germany for information about the United States.

IRC is an integral part of the Public Affairs section of the U.S. Embassy in Berlin. Co-located at the Embassy and at the Consulate at Clayallee, the IRC serves institutions and individuals in Berlin and Brandenburg. Contact the reference staff at the Information Resource Center to discuss research needs.  Telephone reference service is available Monday through Friday, from 13:00-16:00.