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Beijing Pets

China has recently placed in effect a new rule that all pets must go into quarantine for seven days even if they meet all the requirements of entry. At the end of the seventh day the remainder of the 30-day quarantine period can be home quarantine.

Bringing a pet into China is somewhat complicated even if you have the proper veterinary health certificate and immunization record for the pet. It is recommended that you utilize the services of a company that specializes in the entry process, such as Jialiang K-9 Kennel – . You may bring only ONE pet (cat or dog) per adult traveling into China.

China only reads the encrypted microchip which contains nine digits. It is made by Avid.

Required Documentation:

  • 1. International health certificate issued in the originating country showing the name, sex, and breed of the pet.
  • 2. Vaccination record showing that a rabies shot was given within the preceding 12 months, but not less than 30 days before departure. Cats must be vaccinated against Enteritis (E3) within 12 months of arrival into China. You will need a certificate for Feline Panleucopania, and Feline Respiratory Disease Complex Vaccinations (vaccination certificate)
  • 3. Owner’s residential details in China
  • 4. Copy of airway bill (if traveling as cargo)
  • 5. 5. Upon arrival you are required to register your pet with the police department in the city where you will reside.

You may order the necessary forms and instructions for taking your pet to China online at:

Your pet will be quarantined in the official quarantine station for a minimum of 7 days. If your pet shows no signs of disease it will be released to the owner but must be quarantined in the owners home for an additional 23 days. The quarantine fee is RMB 2,000 ($US250.00).

Having your documents translated into Chinese will speed up the process at immigration. The translated documents should be certified (notarized).