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Vancouver Parks, Beaches & Outdoors

Stanley Park
Stanley Park Causeway
Vancouver, BC V6G
(604) 257-8400

Stanley Park is a giant park right next to down town that juts out into the water and gives you a perfect break from the urban bustle.  It hosts art events, family attractions, and gardens to keep you busy.  There are also great restaurants that give a terrific view of everything.  The park also has about 9 km of seawall that’s perfect for biking along.

Van Dusen Botanical Gardens
5251 Oak St
Vancouver, BC V6M 4H1
(604) 878-9274

Van Dusen is another beautiful garden in Vancouver.  It’s open from 10 am until sunset, and is perfect to relax in and appreciate nature.  If you’re a photography buff, it’s a great place to take pictures.  The garden also has a library, restaurant, and sculpture garden.

Queen Elizabeth Park
4600 Cambie St
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1A1
(604) 257-8400

Queen Elizabeth Park has the highest point in the city that gives a great view of the Vancouver skyline.  There’s also a short golf course, gardens, and a restaurant.  The park hosts the Bloedel Conservatory, which is full of tropical plants and birds.

The Outdoors
Capilano Suspension Bridge
3735 Capilano Rd
North Vancouver, BC V7R 4J1
(604) 985-7474

This pedestrian bridge soars 215 feet above the Capilano River and stretches for nearly 500 feet.  It lets you get a view of the forest like no place else.  There are also a series of shorter bridges that work their way through the trees and let you get a new look at the land.

Lynn Headwaters Regional Park
(604) 224-5739

Lynn Headwaters Park is a great park to hike around and enjoy really getting into the wilderness.  It’s a little more wild than the parks downtown, there are bears here.  If it’s not your cup of tea, there are plenty of other parks in the area, but if that sounds just right, it will give you days of adventure.


Squamish calls itself the “Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada,” so if hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, or mountain biking is your thing, this is the place to visit. It’s about an hour north of Vancouver on Highway #99.

While the beaches here are a little rocky, the warm ocean temperature makes them perfect for relaxing and cooling off on a hot summer day.

Wreck Beach
University Blvd and SW Marine Dr
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2
(604) 946-7545

Wreck Beach is near the University of British Columbia, and is probably the most famous nude beach in North America.  It’s actually clothing-optional, but most of the regulars chose the clothing-free option.

Kitsilano Beach
North End of Yew Street
Vancouver, BC

Kitsilano Beach has a great view of the North Shore Mountains and Stanley Park.  It’s geared toward a younger crowd and has plenty of activities, like tennis, basketball, an Oceanside pool, and a playground.  There’s a restaurant too.

Sunset Beach
Between Thurlow and Bute Streets
Vancouver, BC

Sunset Beach is a nice quiet beach downtown that’s a nice play to get away from the bustle of the city.  No amplified music is allowed, and it tends to be less crowded than other beaches in the area.

White Rock Beach
White Rock, BC

White Rock is a destination beach near Vancouver.  It’s a touristy town, with plenty of restaurants and bars lining the sandy strip of beach.  There’s a 500 ft pier and a 400 ton white rock that the beach and town are named after.  White Rock is about 45 min south of downtown Vancouver, just miles from the US border.


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