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Phoenix Utilities

Arizona Utilities

The state of Arizona has a total of 15 electric utility providers, 400 individual water systems operated by nearly 350 companies, 21 sewer companies and 20 combination water and sewer providers.  Water, sewage, solid waste and recycling are often services provided by each individual city, unless the cities have subcontracted the services out to private companies. If you are planning on living on county land you will have to contract with private companies for many if not all of your utilities. Arizona Utility companies are regulated by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

The Phoenix metropolitan area  is primarily serviced by two major electric companies, Arizona Public Service (APS) and The Salt Water Project (SRP). APS serves more than one million customers in 11 counties mainly concentrated in northern and central Arizona.  The Salt River Project (SRP) is the umbrella name for two separate entities: the Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District, an agency of the state of Arizona that serves as an electrical utility for the Phoenix metropolitan area, and the Salt River Valley Water Users’ Association, a utility cooperative that serves as the primary water provider for much of central Arizona.

The research data indicates that the current average price range of utilities in the phoenix metropolitan area breaks down as follows:

Electricity: $140-$250/per month- these prices can vary greatly depending on the season, the summer months are the most expensive due to the heat levels

Water/sewage/trash: $40-$118/per month- these prices can vary greatly if you have certain luxury items, i.e. a pool

Gas: $35-$55/per month- these prices are more expensive in the winter months

Cable: $30-$120/per month

Internet: $30-$70/per month

Keep in mind that the monthly cost for utilities has a number of variables to take into account, for example, the square footage, age, and location of your home, the number of people living at your residence, if you have a pool, the age of your heating and air conditioning unit, the type of windows in your home, and so on. When making the choice on where to live research the age of the home, if it has double paned windows, the age of the HVAC unit and when it was last serviced. Communicate any concerns to your real estate agent and ask as many questions as possible. Some research resources and contact information is listed below

Electricity (602) 542-4251 or (800) 222-7000 A great resource for utility lists and maps (602) 371-7171 or (800) 253-9405 Look up service areas, rates and fees (602) 236-8888 Look up service areas, and price plans



Water, sewage and trash are often provided by each city and can be found on your city website, for example . If the city you are moving to has subcontracted out the water, sewage and trash services you should be able to find links to the company sites on the city page or ask you real estate representative and they should be able to provide you with specific information.

Cable/Internet (866) 961-0027 Provides cable, internet, and telephone services (800) 934-6489 Provides cable, internet, and telephone services (877) 348-9005 Provides internet and telephone services (888) 656-2461 Provides satellite TV services and internet services to rural locations (855) 838-4388 Partners with century link to provide satellite tv, internet, and phone services


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